Tennyo, or tennin, as the male versions were called, were spirit shapeshifters that dwelled in the outskirts of Tengoku. [1] Tennin and tennyo were messengers, servants, and scouts of Heaven, dwelling with the Celestial Palace. [2]

Demeanor and Appearance Edit

The tennyo were neither good nor at the head of the Celestial Order, without serving anything greater than themselves. They weare human in size and form, and they could reveal large wings when they wished to travel quickly. When in Rokugan tennyo wore kimono and large hats, to conceal their featureless face from casual view. They used to avoid combat, but tennyo would attack any Shadowlands creature they encountered. [3]

Plague War Edit

The Tennyo fought alongside the Crab Clan against the Destroyers in the Plague War. [4]

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