Akodo Tenjin was elevated as Tenjin, the Fortune of Writing, Literature, [1] Stories, and Secrets. [2] He also was known as the Fortune of Scribes. [3] The fortune was also named as Tengen. [4]

Poet Edit

Akodo Tenjin was a cunning and clever poet who wrote a story that Hantei III found offensive. He commanded that Tenjin be executed, and imme­diately; thereafter disease and pestilence fell on the Imperial Court, the Emperor begged the spirit of Tenjin for forgiveness and created a temple to honor his memory. He was elevated to the Fortune status. Since then, poets had prayed to him for inspiralion and guidance. [5]

Demeanor Edit

Tengen was a quiet and thoughtful Fortune, and favored those who understand the power of written words, as shugenja. The most ancient temple to Tengen was the Ikoma Libraries. An even larger shrine, which housed the Imperial Histories were built by the Miya in the 12th century. [6] The largest temple to Tengen was Shinden Chukan, an enormous library within the walls of a five-story temple. [7] Tengen served Fukurokujin, the Fortune of Wisdom. [8] Tengen was sometimes invoked by spies, scouts, and any others who were dependant on codes and ciphers to protect them from their enemies. [9]

Order of Tengen Edit

In the 12th century a former ninja, Shosuro Chian, founded the Order of Tengen under Otomo patronage. The monks acted as Imperial spies. [10]

Offerings Edit

For an offering to Tenjin, one was traditionally required to write down a secret and then burn it before the icon of his shrine.


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