Mountain Goblin's Rest Road

Mountain Goblin's Rest Road crossing Ryoko Owari

The Mountain Goblin's Rest Road was a merchant road between Shiro no Soshi and Shiro no Shosuro. [1]

Name Edit

The 'goblin' name came from the zokujin tribes who inhabited the Spine of the World Mountains. The road passed along it edges, marking the only northern route through the mountain range. [2]

Location Edit

It connected Crab lands, Beiden Pass before it was destroyed, and Ryoko Owari Toshi. [3] The northern part of the road guided to Shiro no Soshi, and the southern part carried the commerce of three families - the Shosuro, the Soshi and the Yogo. [4]

Banditry Edit

After the Scorpion Coup and the disbanding of the Soshi the area was plagued by the bandits known as Mountain Goblin, until they were utterly defeated by the Twelve Ronin in 1125. [5]


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