Tengoku's Fist was an offspring of the Order of the Seven Thunders created in the year 718.

Preambles Edit

After the Hiruma lands were overrun by the Maw's forces, retired Crab samurai and displaced peasants joined the Order of the Seven Thunders, mostly in two large temples located near the lands of the Crab, between the Scorpion lands and the Shinomen Forest. [1]

Schism Edit

In a couple of years the new monks had gained a deeper understanding of both spiritual and moral purity and corruption, becoming more vocal against the Order of the Seven Thunders's passive and cloistered philosophies. The monks at the two temples pushed their fellow abbots into using their resources to root out corruption and vice. Eventually, the two temples declared themselves independent. [2]

Sohei Edit

The temples, who now styled themselves Tengoku's Fist, had a goal: the eradication of anything that defies the Celestial Order. Sohei appeared out of nowhere to defeat bandit gangs, beat criminals, and even help quell restive peasants. The monks also served as advisors and teachers to the samurai so they could actively oppose evil actions. [2] They were among the Brotherhood's more serene sects of sohei, for they did not view violence as a first resort. However, when violence was called for, they tended to prove exceptionally gifted at dispensing it. [3]

Known Technique Edit

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