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Temple to the Kami

Temple to the Kami

The Temple to the Kami in the Hito district of Otosan Uchi. It was supposedly the place where Isawa first watched the Kami, during the Tournament of the Kami, and legends said the building was formed by the elemental kami commanded by Isawa's words. [1]

Tradition Edit

Only a handful of monks were trained each year, and none received a permanent post within the Temple itself. Many shugenja chose to retire there, but only those most spiritual were granted such an honor, and only then if recommended by a member of the Council of Five. Upon the completion of their training, these new brothers were scattered across Rokugan. [2]

Appearance Edit

Temple to the Kami Layout

Temple to the Kami Layout

The temple consisted of three individual buildings linked at their edges, with the entrance facing the Road of Fast Hopes. There were four rooms and a tower devoted to each of the elements, and those who entered were attuned to the proper element. The rear part was dominated by the Tower of Void, which was said that was built from an Isawa's tear, in the place it touched the earth. [1] Inside the gazebo the most powerful shugenja could commune with the Void, a rare opportunity for such feat. [3]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 the Imperial City suffered the assault of Daigotsu's forces, and later was put to the torch by the Lion Clan. Despite the effort of the Shadowlands creatures, the ancient temple still stood, chipped and scarred. The kami were not driven from the temple, but they did succeed in diminishing their presence. The kami were still present in the rooms, but they were indiscriminately hostile to those who intrude on them. [4]


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