The Temple to Hantei was a small temple in the Forbidden City devoted to Hantei, the first Emperor. It was erected by Hantei Genji after the Battle of Four Winds as a place his father could pass on in peace. [1] It sat at the end of a paved path called the Emperor's Walk. [2]

Imperial Privacy Edit

The Emperors used it as a private home to retire on occassion to escape the insanity of the Imperial Palace. No one entered without a personal invitation of the Hantei, and only if the Emperor himself was present. [1]

Leading Bridge Edit

A long bridge led to the temple supported over the shoulders of the finely crafted statues of all the Emperors. Which each new pairs of statues, the lifetime of two Emperors, the bridge was redesigned to accommodate them. [1]

Ninube Stronghold Edit

In 1159 the Imperial City suffered the assault of Daigotsu's forces, and later was put to the torch by the Lion Clan. The Temple of Hantei became a charred, stained wreck. Each of the 38 statues of the Hantei Emperors laid on its back. Ninube Chochu selected the place as the Ninube headquarters. [2]


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