Keeper of the Marble Flame

Keeper of the Temple

The Temple of the White Tiger was dedicated to knowledge, tended for people who later would be known as Ra'Shari. [1] It was located in Pahatan, a city located in the southern jungles, north to the place which would be later known as the Ivory Kingdoms. The temple was honored to Vishnu, the "Preserver", in the face he presented when he blessed the earth with the rain. It was destroyed in the Day of Wrath. [2]

Rakshasa Edit

The legends said that a jinn lived beneath the temple, imprisoned with gold chains. The dark jinn was so big and powerful that could provoke that women that were not with child, had born terrible Rakshasa from their wombs. [3]

Keeper Edit

The temple was guarded by the Keeper of the Marble Flame, a jinn. Only one man had managed to enter its gilded halls. [4]


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