The Temple of the Tranquil Fire was the newest Tamori dojo, and it represented on of the three Tamori trains of thought, the martial earth shugenja, the Yamabushi. [1]

Founding Edit

The dojo was small shrine built on the edge of a cliff a few hours' travel from Shiro Tamori. It was created after the War of Spirits, to train the Tamori Yamabushi, shugenja who would wade into the thick of battle alongside their Mirumoto brethren. It represented how different the Tamori would be respect their pacifist Agasha origins. [2]

Training Edit

The students practiced his sword work with Mirumoto Bushi, the elemental powers inherent in them with shugenja teachers, and they also must learn to focus the power of the earth, both direct attack battle spells and those to empower the rest of the army. [2]

Sensei Edit

The sensei of the school were a mix of battle hardened samurai, fierce shugenja, and tranquil monks. The first Tamori Daimyo, Tamori Shaitung, was also the first Master Sensei of the dojo. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit


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