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Temple of the Seven Fortunes

Temple of the Seven Fortunes

The Temple of the Seven Fortunes was the largest and greatest temple in all of Toshi Ranbo. It attracted the most visitors, as thousands came in and out of it each day. The monks who tended to the temple were quiet and unassuming, and went about their daily tasks with such discretion that often visitors was not even aware of their presence. [1] It also served to hold the district governor's court. [2]

Oni Rampage Edit

In 1199 [3] during Imperial Winter Court a yojimbo known as Seppun Asagako revealed to be an oni, and the shapeshifter demon rampaged through several district of the Imperial City. A priest had continued to produce the Devil's Chase music preventing the monster from changing shape. Desperate to put an end to the music, the oni moved to the temple. The demon of Jigoku was eventually destroyed in front of the temple. [4] The square where the oni died was planted with trees commemorating those who fell in the rampage, the Grove of Darkness Denied. [5]

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Temple of the Seven Fortunes 2

Temple of the Seven Fortunes


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