The Temple of the Midnight Cats earned its name from the many stray cats that lived in the area. The local villagers would leave their doors open to allow the cats to enter and leave freely, and the temple considered it to be a good omen when a black cat sat on their doorstep. It stood at a supposed nexus between the mortal world and the Spirit Realms. [1]

Dedications Edit

Due to the existance of many shrines dedicated to ancestors in the area, the temple dedicated itself to a study of the afterlife. The monks collect legends of good fortune attributed to an ancestor or the direct intervention of a spirit. Many people came to the shrines to ask for guidance from their dead ancestors. While there was very rarely an answer, it happened much more commonly here than anywhere else in the Empire. The library of these tales and occurrences was open to any who wished to peruse the scrolls. Many would also wonder if the Scorpion courtiers who were often seen here were using this information to gain an edge in the courts. [2]


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