Temple of the Lost Moto

Temple of the Lost Moto

The Temple of the Lost Moto stood in Unicorn lands on the western bank of the Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. It was built in the 9th century after the majority of the Moto family fell to the Shadowlands. [1]

Appearance Edit

The walls were white and unadorned, except for the white masks of the Moto from before the family was lost under the leadership of Moto Tsume, whose mask was held there, as well as the spear of Otaku Kamoko. [2]

Observances Edit

Only Moto were allowed to join this temple, and they were expected to memorize the names of all Moto who had fallen to the Shadowlands. The monks were only allowed to leave during the Chrysanthemum Festival to join in the festivities. Once per year the Khan would arrive on the anniversary of Moto Tsume's departure into the Shadowlands, and he faste, meditate and pray for the wisdom to lead his people away from the darkness. Some Utaku Battle Maidens were also ordered to make pilgrimages here as well, to remember that even those with the best intentions could fall. [2]


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