The Temple of the Last Wish was built in 1159 to honor Matsu Shinya.

Matsu Shinya Edit

Shinya was a Lion bushi who in 1159 remained with his Phoenix allies as advisor in the Dragon-Phoenix War. The rest of the Lion forces withdrew from the Phoenix-Dragon border to defend Lion homeland from the Tsuno attacks. [1] Aikune enraged insulted him as a betrayer and in a quick fight was killed. [2]

Wish Edit

Shiba Aikune regreted his outburst, and with the power of the Isawa's Last Wish built the temple, locating the blade of Shinya inside. The structure was carved out of a natural cavern, statues of Fortunes and ancestors made out of the living stone. Piecemeal suits of armor and daisho sat on stands throughout the chamber, many of them scorched by flames. It was tended by monks. [3]

Destruction Edit

In 1160 the Wish became uncontrolled and provoked an explosion, devastating everything within miles. Shamed Aikune disappeared with the Wish into exile. [3]


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