The Temple of the Fourteen Hands, named as a reference of the hands of the Seven Fortunes was the third oldest temple devoted to the Seven, surpassed only by Gisei Toshi and another in Otosan Uchi. It was left in control of the monks under the jurisdiction of the Shiba family. [1]

Founding Edit

The temple was built in the Dawn of the Empire, located just at the edge of the Phoenix border with Lion lands, and served as a point of entry and exit from the Phoenix provinces. It grew at an extraordinary rate, which caused it to become a primary location for retired Phoenix nobles, and a city was built on a nearby plain to the Nrth, which would be known as Honored Treaty City. [1]

Tradition Edit

Monks maintained strict disciplines of meditation, physical labor, and study set in a rigorous daily schedule. They were free to choose the method of study, but it must be brought before a superior monk for approval. Monks placed an equal importance in strength of body and mind. Younger members trained in unarmed martial arts, while the older members practiced light exercise and slow arts that focused on coordination and stretching. [2]

Training Edit

Monks of the Seven Fortunes learned balance above all else, balance between body, mind, and spirit led to harmony in the universe. If they angered or lose their temper, they caused imbalance, and the monks were expected to restore the balance. A Seven Fortunes monk could easily be picked out in combat by his nearly supernatural ability to avoid the strikes of others and predict nearly everything that would happen around him. [2]

Sensei Edit

The master of the Temple was given to a monk who had no desire for prestige or power. The position eventually made the monk the most authoritative member of his sect with a great deal of influence. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit


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