The Temple of the Fortunes' Wrath was located in the Phoenix lands. [1]

Founded Edit

It was founded by the Phoenix Lord of Shiro Shibaconflict, where an assassin sought refuge after killing Osano-Wo. Kaimetsu-Uo tracked down the murderer but the Phoenix refused to open their gates. The son of Osano-Wo showed the power of the Fortune of Fire and Thunder: a bolt of lightning from the heavens split the gate of the palace at the moment Kaimetsu-uo struck it with his blade. The assassin was given to the Mantis and the event changed the Phoenix Lord. After his retirement the Lord founded the temple devoted to the Fortunes, particularly honoring mighty Osano-Wo himself. [1]

Tradition Edit

Many of the more ardent Phoenix and Dragon bushi chose to retire there. [1]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Various early sources incorrectly place the murderer's hiding place at Kyuden Isawa. This is later corrected to Shiro Shiba. See Talk:Kyuden Isawa.


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