The Temple of the Forsaken laid within the Shadowlands, on the outskirts of the City of the Lost. [1] Within the dojo was taught the Black Guard, Daigotsu Elite Guard, Daigotsu's Legion, the Temple of Onnotangu, [2] Maho-tsukai, Mouth of the Lost, and Voice of Daigotsu schools. [3]

Founding Edit

The Temple of the Forsaken came to be after the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. Many samurai from different clans would not return after the epic struggle, and in an attempt to preserve their minds in the Shadowlands they banded together and practiced the ancient secrets of their schools. Their corruption was slowed, but never halted, and they would have become mindless gibbering beasts if not for the arrival of Daigotsu. The Dark Lord rebuilt the Shadowlands to his liking, and allowed the samurai at the Temple to retain their minds, although their flesh and spirit were already consumed. Warriors with the tactics of samurai, but the power of the taint were valuable assets to Daigotsu, and the Temple became the primary dojo for the rank and file of Daigotsu's legions. Vast legions of the Lost had been trained there over the years. [4]

Training Edit

Almost all the training at the dojo was martial, and it was in fact the most grueling regime that had ever existed in Rokugan. Only the supernatural strength of those who trained allowed them to survive, and even then many found their immortal bodies permanently damaged by the experience. The use of weapons that samurai usually trained with was taught, typically those the individual in particular trained with before becoming Lost. [5]

Gempukku Edit

There was no gempukku ceremony as it existed in Rokugan, but rather a final test. The students must demonstrate their worthiness to become a member of the legion by slaying a more powerful opponent. This happened to coincide with Daigotsu's quest to destroy any creatures in the Shadowlands not loyal to him. Dissenting oni, bakemono and the occasional Hiruma Scouting party were the most common targets. Those who returned with proof of their victory were immediately accepted, and those who did not were rarely heard of again. [5]

Sensei Edit

Any member of the legion had the right to assume the position as Master Sensei. All they must do was kill the individual currently holding the title. Mirumoto Taki had held the position for over a decade, and had not been challenged any more in over half that time. The fate of the last who did was so gruesome that none dared oppose him. [5]

Prestige under the Spider Clan Edit

The Temple's prominence diminished after the formation of the Spider Clan, as many Lost samurai began training at Black Silk Castle instead. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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