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The Temple of Yakamo at Kyuden Hida housed the private shrines to three of the Hida family's greatest ancestors -- Kisada, Yakamo, and Osano-Wo. It was also known as the Temple of Persistence, Sun, and Thunder. [1] It was originally devoted to Osano-Wo, but later was expanded and rededicated to include Yakamo and Kisada. [2]

Admitance Edit

Only those of the central Hida line and those closest to them had been admitted, and no non-Crab had ever seen the temple. The temple's stained glass windows opened to allow the morning sun to flood the room. The glass was obtained through the Crab's Unicorn allies. [1]

Artifacts Edit

The temple held an artifact from each ancestor--Yakamo's Wakizashi, Kisada's Tessen, and a shard of wood split from the gate of Shiro Shiba that was struck by lightning by Osano-Wo. This was where the Crab Clan Champions went to to commune with their ancestors. Hida O-Ushi began the tradition of visiting it in order to seek guidance from her divine ancestors in moments of doubt, a practice that both her sons adopted after becoming champion. Only a few Crab outside the central Hida line had been admitted. [1]

Known High Priests Edit


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