The Temple of Water's Strength grew from the small shrine made by the wandering monk Haru in 1141, in the banks of the lake were Water Hammer City sat. The monks there usually belonged to the Order of the Ten Thousand Temples. [1]

Appearance Edit

The temple served as a working forge and the religious center of the city, but also as a bridge over the river which flowed through the city. Its blue stone walls were carved with images of Suitengu, the Fortune of the Sea and the Water Dragon. On each side the bridges were guarded by statued of the Water Dragon, gifts from the Elemental Masters. The central chamber was filled with shrines, and the walls were lined with small alcoves. Holes in the floor allowed to see the river flowing past below. [2]

Mystical Forge Edit

A heavenly sea-blue disc, a scale of the Water Dragon, discovered by Haru resided in the center of the forge chamber, atop a large metal cylinder. The forge itself was kept glowing red hot nearly all the time. [3]

Escape Tunnel Edit

A Scorpion architect added in the storage room the entrance to a hidden basement and escape tunnel. The tunnel led to the Governor's Estate, the only real fortress in the city, and was designed to be collapsed in case of emergency. [2]


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