The Temple of Venom was located within Kyuden Chuda, the home of the Chuda family. It was the primary dojo and training facility for the Chuda family. [1] It was later moved to the Shinomen Mori. [2]

Chuda Family Edit

After the death of Iuchiban the Temple of Venom was made by Daigotsu home of the Chuda family and his Daimyo Chuda Mishime. The oni summoner Shokansuru had left it shortly before his death. [3]

Training Edit

The Temple became the base of the Order of the Spider. [2] Its leader Roshungi insisted that every new member would come there and present themselves to him before their initiation. All of the winding corridors lead to the central chamber where he used to stay. [4] Students were berated and chastised, to foster anger, resentment, and frustration. These negative emotions were used to attract the kansen that powered maho spells. [1]

Benefits Edit

The Chuda were reviled by the Empire and feared among the Lost. The methods used to instruct students at the Temple ol Venom were hideous and cruel, yet effective. [5]

Duties Edit

The monks in the temple dedicated themselves to furthering the Spider Clan's missions. Some created forgeries or improve on poisons stolen from the Scorpion Clan. A vast map covered the wall, showing the location of all members of the Spider Clan who had infiltrated Rokugan. [4]

History Edit

It was built in the City of the Lost, [6] and after the City was abandoned in 1169, [7] it was rebuilt hidden deeply in the Shinomen Mori. [4]

City of the Lost temple Edit

The building was a cathedral of pain and chaos. The walls were black and seared with energies that most mortal souls could never hope to contain. [3]

Shinomen Mori temple Edit

Roshungi found an old buiding in the Shinomen Mori, where he moved the Temple of Venom. It was a small hut where an oni sat spinning a web, the strands nearly covering the entire temple and the surrounding clearing and trees. Initiates coming to the temple had to cross through the clearing without cutting any of the strands. [4]

Known Sensei Edit


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