The Temple of Onnotangu was an ancient temple built within a cave in the Seikitsu Mountains, which was occupied by the Anshin sect. It would become the center of the Cult of Onnotangu [1] around 429. [2]

Origin Edit

The temple was so old that it could not have been crafted by Rokugani hands. A statue before the entrance portrayed a snarling, vengeful god wielding a sickle-like blade in both hands. The shining image of the moon shone above him. He stood upon a small depiction of the earth, cracked and broken beneath his feet. It was supposedly Onnotangu. [1]

Cult of Onnotangu Edit

A powerful Kansen lived inside the cave, and it misled The Anshin's leader, Bunrakuken, to create a new cult, killing all the monks who did not follow him. The kansen gifted its new followers with strange and wondrous powers. Within a matter of months, the original members of the Cult of Onnotangu were entirely and wholly Lost. [3]

Shadowspawn Edit

The monks not only were tainted, they also bore Shadow Powers. When a Fox scouting party arrived by happenstance to the temple they were quickly wiped out. Only survived a Kitsune Shugenja using spells of light which could not be tolerated by the fallen monks. The shugenja was badly shaken by his experiences and took his own life shortly after recounting the event. The Mirumoto Daimyo sent Kitsuki Magistrates to the mountains, but the directions given by the Kitsune prior to his suicide proved to be completely unreliable, and the search was called off after a few weeks. [4]

Lost Edit

With the naming of the Living Shadow and the destruction of its influence during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the misguided sect of monks had been wholly consumed by the effects of the Shadowlands. They no longer possessed Shadow abilities of any sort, and had an equal number of suitable Shadowlands Powers. [5]

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