The Temple of Heavenly Wisdom was an ancient stone temple devoted to Fukurokujin which predated the Fall of the Kami. It was dedicated to the accumulation of all knowledge and the furthering the written arts, and some of monks were among the most celebrated calligraphers in the Empire. [1]

Crane Lands Edit

After the War Against Fu Leng, Lady Doji made contact with a remote temple in the plains north of the lands of her clan. It became the first major temple the Crane Clan sponsored. The temple quickly grew, and samurai of the Crane, Phoenix, and Lion Clans were sent there to study before their gempukku. [2]

Neutral Ground Edit

In the 2nd century the Crane and Lion were allowed to conduct negotiations within the temple grounds. The Lion used the meeting to keep one of the Crane's key generals occupied while they made another strike, and the Crane denounced the Lion for abusing the trust of the monks. The monks reluctantly allowed the Crane to draw them into the political conflict, which gave the Matsu admiration of the brave monks for adhering to their principles even in the risk of retribution. Centuiries later, during the Clan War, the Lion avoided the temple completely when they invaded the Crane lands. [2]

Known Technique Edit

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