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Temple of Daikoku (Ryoko Owari)

Temple of Daikoku at Ryoko Owari

The Temple of Daikoku was the center of power for the Order of Daikoku. [1]

Location Edit

It was located within the Temple Quarter, in the Daikoku's Shadows district, the tallest structure in Ryoko Owari [2] and one of the richest of the city. [3]

Statue Edit

The temple had a giant statue of the Fortune of Wealth, Daikoku, which was carved from a pink flawless stone. [4]

Duties Edit

Temple of Daikoku (Ryoko Owari) 2

Temple of Daikoku at Ryoko Owari

Apart from their religious duties, the Monks of Daikoku patrolled part of the Temple Quarter to put out any fires there. [5] They were known for eccentric or even bizarre behavior. [2] It was told that several monks went to a gambling house on Teardrop Island and, after being presented with the choice to participate or leave, bankrupted the house with a flawless display of gambling prowess. Owners of every major gambling house made donations to the temple on a regular basis. [1]


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