Brilliant Rebirth Temple

Temple of Brilliant Rebirth

The Temple of Brilliant Rebirth was located near Shiro Shiba, surrounded by Brilliant Rebirth Village. [1]

Founding Edit

It was built by Shiba Tsukune as temporary housing for homeless peasants after the Day of Thunder. The workers built a castle, surrounded by a walled village. Tsukune declared the temple would honor the souls of fallen Phoenix soldiers, and named it the Temple of Brilliant Rebirth. [2]

Shrines Edit

There were numerous small shrines inside the temple, each one dedicated to a Phoenix Clan Champion. The shrines held a small portrait of the Champion, a written account of their lives, and any family relics. The two largest shrines were dedicated to the kami Shiba and Tsukune, who since became the Fortune of Rebirth. [3]

External Links Edit

Temple of Brilliant Rebirth

Temple of Brilliant Rebirth


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