Temple of Blood

Temple of Blood

Temple of Blood was the main lair of the Bloodspeakers serving Iuchiban.

Guardian of the Temple Edit

The most prominent Maho-tsukai stationed there was called the Guardian of the Temple, a role combining elements of judge, archivist, and high priest. [1]

History Edit

It was built in 989 in the northern Crane provinces, in a hilly region protected by Bloodspeaker friendly peasants villages. The sacrifices within the temple were constant. [2]

Haunted Edit

In 1023 Emerald Magistrates haunted the area to end the continue disappearing of people and even complete villages, but the hunt was a failure. [3]

Fall of the Temple Edit

During the War of Spirits the temple was habitually abandoned. The area nearby was so depopulated that bringing new victims was virtually impossible. The temple finally was found by a disguised Magistrate, when a young cultist revealed him the path. The Temple was quickly burnt and purified in 1142. [4]

New Temple of Blood Edit

Destruction of the Temple of Blood

Destruction of the Temple of Blood

It was said new temple was began by Yogo Hisashi near the Shinomen Forest, [5] but instead it was built within the City of Tears, in the Yobanjin region north of the Dragon territories. [6] It was destroyed by Daigotsu after his rise as Lord of the Shadowlands. [7]

Known guardians Edit

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