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Temple of Amaterasu (Ryoko Owari)

Temple of Amaterasu

The Temple of Amaterasu at Ryoko Owari Toshi was built to honor the Sun Goddess. It was renamed Temple of Yakamo after Yakamo became Lord Sun, and eventually it was known as Temple of the Sun.

Appearance Edit

The stunning white limestone structure was built in the Daikoku's Shadow neighborhood in the Temple Quarter. A dazzling golden mirror globe rested upon the tall central pillar. The ball was rumored it was made of gold and gifted by the Dragon of Fire itself, and any who tried to steal was consumed in fires. [1] It dated from the Fifth Governor and it was said the place to find white limestone vein was guided by Amaterasu herself. [2]

Lord Sun Edit

Temple of the Sun (Ryoko Owari)

Temple of the Sun

Amaterasu's death shortly before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate and the subsequent ascension of Hida Yakamo to the position of Lord Sun were two devastating blows. Many left for other religious orders, while others left the clerical life altogether. The monks and priests of the temple were a hardy sort, men and women devoted to Lord Sun, an entity who abhorred the forces of darkness. The monks were ardent supports of magistrates, inquisitors, and of the Crab Clan's efforts against the Shadowlands. Yakamo's monks were among the first to help the Unicorn restore order following the Rain of Blood. [3] The Temple began to be known as the Temple of the Sun. [4]


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