Tempest Island

Tempest Island (M9)

Tempest Island (M9) was a small island located north of most Mantis holdings, [1] the northernmost of the major islands in the archipelago. [2] Within the island was the Tempest Island Temple, [3] dojo to the Yoritomo Shugenja and Storm Riders schools. [4]

Founding Edit

Early in the clan's history it was avoided because of the frequent storms ravaging the island. During the Clan War, a young shugenja named Yoritomo Taiken disembarked from a small kobune in the middle of a great storm. After a night of meditation, he was found alive by a Mantis kobune, which had been sent at Taiken's bride insistence. The Fortunes had commanded Taiken to do so, and he was spared because he was enacting their will. He began the construction of a temple there, [5] which was allowed by his Lord Yoritomo. [1]

Shugenja Bloodline Edit

After the Battle of Oblivion's Gate and before the formal absorption of the Centipede into the Mantis, Yoritomo Aramasu isolated the bloodline of the Mantis who bore the strongest magical affinities and ordered them to create the Yoritomo Shugenja school. [4]


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