The Teeth of the Serpent was a place of whispered legend, a place that should not exist, crossed by the Black Finger River. Spires of jagged obsidian tore from the earth, stretching higher into the heavens than the tallest kyuden. They were geographic anomalies with no rhyme or reason. [1] It was not known if the Teeth of the Serpent survived to the end of the 12th century. [2]

Found Edit

The Teeth was a great outcropping of crystal in a secluded valley that resembled a serpent's fangs. It was discovered in the second half of the 12th century by the Chuda family, who studied the crystal discreetly in a laboratory there. The Chuda Daimyo Chuda Mishime deeply mistrusted the Shadow Dragon and its devious Goju and Ninube minions. [3]

Plotting Edit

In 1165 the Shadow Dragon and his minions were in the process of dismantling the Chuda operation in the most violent means possible. [3]

Time of Demons Edit

The Teeth was considered home by the Onisu of Death, Hakai. [4]


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