Tasu no Oni

Tasu no Oni

Tasu no Oni, known as the Plague of Flesh, was an oni.

Appearance Edit

Tasu no Oni resembled nothing so much as huge bulbous cockroaches whose shells were covered in large membranous sacs. [1]

Predator Edit

Tasu no Oni were relentlessly aggressive creatures who attacked any living foe they found, sometimes even other oni or Shadowlands creatures. Even the Lost were not immune to this mindless aggression. [1]

Reproduction Edit

For years the Crab believed this was simply a function of the demon's innate stupidity, but the Crab had come to a much more disturbing realization: Tasu no Oni desired to be killed. This desire did not stem from any significant degree of intelligence, for Tasu no Oni were nigh-mindless. The demons wished to be killed because doing so allowed them to fulfill the one and only driving urge the creatures had: to reproduce. [1]

Attack Edit

They charged into battle striking with their segmented legs and their mandibles, but were generally rather easily slain by those who survived their initial assault. When a Tasu no Oni was killed, however, the membranous sacs on its surface ruptured and spilled forth newborn Tasu no Oni, each about a foot in length. Although initially defenseless, these creatures were very quick and could grow to maturity in as little as three days and no more than a week, and would be capable of producing more of their own kind within two weeks of their “birth.” There were entire regions of the Shadowlands that were infested with Tasu no Oni, and thus far the Crab had not found a way to destroy the adults without prompting the reproductive cycle. [1]

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