Tashimi family
Patron family: Ichiro family
Clan: Badger Clan
Founded: (c. 1128)
Daimyo: Unknown

Tashimi family was a vassal family in service to the Ichiro family of the Badger Clan.

Founding Edit

Ichiro Tashimi was the best sensei of the Ichiro Bushi dojo in the history of the Badger Clan. He was in the City of the Rich Frog when Hideo no Oni went on a rampage in the Badger lands. As the only sensei alive, the new Badger Clan Champion Ichiro Kihongo ordered him to establish a new dojo among the Kaeru. He was granted his own vassal family. Tashimi selected his successor few years before his death. [1] The Tashimi were a tiny family, comprised almost entirely of sensei. [2]

Tashimi Daimyo Edit

Ichiro Tashimi (c. 1128) - ?


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