Tasaii-do practitioner

Tasaii-do practitioner

Tasaii-do was one of the major martial arts, devised by Tasaii, the Imperial Guard who was easily defeated by Shinsei prior to his first meeting with Hantei himself. [1]

Style Edit

The style was premised upon understanding how movement, force, chi, and motion were all intertwined, allowing simple motions to have profound effects. The style was a tool of self-education and defense, incorporating many kata. Tasaii-do fostered an intuitive appreciation for the body, its capabilities, and its relationship with the spirit. Their practitioners moved quickly to exploit openings, because flaws in opponents' defenses invited attacks. [1]

Purpose Edit

Practitioners combined knowledge of anatomy and the physics of motion. Tasaii-do was a tool to help achieve medilative focus first and as a combat technique second. The anatomical knowledge that most monks possessed could easily be put towards hyper-extending joints and breaking bones. [1]

Training Edit

The basic kata, stances, and maneuvers of the style were fairly easy to learn, and the Brotherhood of Shinsei was quite willing to train interested candidates. Learning the advanced techniques and unlocking the style's true power required considerable dedication. [2]

  • A novice in Tasaii-do learned to zone out all distractions during combat, to focus solely upon himself and his opponents.
  • The intermediate student learned to disrupt the tempo of his opponent's attacks by interrupting them with attacks of his own.
  • An advanced practitioner knew his limits and capabilities thoroughly, allowing him to push harder when he needed to push his limits.
  • An expert had learned to focus the wisdom of the Tao of Shinsei, granting heightened ability to gauge an opponents strengths.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit

Known Masters Edit


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