Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199 
Children: Un-named son

Tarui was a ronin bushi and duelist.

Ronin Edit

Tarui's father was a disgrace, cast out from his clan for weakness and condemning Tarui a life of ronin. [1]

Legion of Two Thousand Edit

Tarui took the banner of the Legion of Two Thousand, looking for a better future for his son. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War Tarui and his men were defending the Scorpion Southern Watch Keep under the command of Bayushi Ishikura. Shortly before his gunso's death, his officer had promoted Tarui to the position of nikutai. When it was lost, they sacrificed themselves to buy the Scorpion commander enough time for his men to fall back and find reinforcements. Tarui fought as a hero and a man of honor. His son would live with the gratitude of the Legion. [1]

The Currency of War Edit

Tarui survived, and eventually he was hired by the Mantis Clan. In 1199 he was the guard of a Tsuruchi caravan crossing one of the Crane passes of the Spine of the World Mountains. Daidoji Kinta detained him, due to the accusations made by the magistrate Doji Hikaro, who had had more than one run-in during Tarui's travels through this region. Tarui perished under extremely questionable circumstances. The disagreement over the merchant caravan rapidly escalated into a conflict between the Crane and Mantis clans. [2]

External Links Edit

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