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Born: Unknown 
Died: 1130

Taro was a courtier, monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and a member of the kolat conspiracy.

Kolat Edit

Taro was a small, thin, and unassuming monk. The kolat conspiracy contacted him and worked to replace his spirituality with their own non-religious agenda several years prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Temple Caretaker Edit

Taro was appointed as the caretaker of the Temple to the Seven Fortunes at Otosan Uchi, a high-profile position in the city. He performed an effective information-trafficking service through carrier pigeons or other small birds, and also painted complex murals which often contained hidden meanings for his fellow conspirators. The Kolat were aware that his deception abilities were not yet refined, and pondered what would be the future of Taro within the organization. [2]

Death Edit

Doji Shizue spied upon him because she suspected he was a traitor. [3] In fact Taro was a expendable pawn of Akodo Kage, who lured Shizue into a secret kolat meeting held shortly after Toturi I was kidnapped. Shizue followed the monk and waited in the darkness to hear the meeting. These were only the words that Kage wanted her to hear, and after she slipped away Kage stabbed Taro to death. [4]

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