The Tarantula's Lair was the second biggest building in the Military District, and one of the Second City's oldest. Made of naturally black stone and wood, it was situated directly north of the Imperial District, oftenly hidden in shadow through most of the day. The barracks were built to house the members of the [[Spider Clan], and it was named after the tarantula, large spiders found in the jungles of the Colonies. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Spider were reviled by other samurai, a matter that was addressed by her Daigotsu Sapporu. The Spider bushi issued a formal challenge to all other units in the Military District. Sapporu and his men lost many duels, but they won enough to ensure the Spider Clan would be respected for its strength. Coming to the Lair to challenge one of its members had since become something of a tradition in the city. [1]

Known Head of the Garrison Edit


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