Tao of the Naga

The Tao of the Naga

The Tao of the Naga was the Naga code of ethics which dictated their behavior and morality. [1]

Beliefs Edit

The Naga believed in the reincarnation and the Kharmic Wheel all beings shared, and they were guided by the communal Naga minds, the Akasha. They also belived in Kharma, understanding that their roles in this life were a direct result of actions they had performed in lives past. [1]

Vows Edit

In the ceremony of Shedding, the Naga adopted a set of vows, based upon their role within the society, known as the Naga castes: [2]

  • Naga Vedic: were the custodian of the Naga spiritual culture. They were a friend, philosopher, and guide to all Naga. Their dedication to knowledge, ritual, and the fundamental faith in Akasha became them the example for others.
  • Naga Warlords and Naga Scouts: were the guardians and protectors of their race, from inside or outside threats, example in war as heroes, example of majesty and generosity in peace.
  • Naga Jakla: were the keepers of dangerous knowledge for the Naga, researching what others could not, and sharing it. The Jakla were the masters of the Pearl Magic.

Additionally all the Naga followed several edicts: purity, self-control and truth. [3]

Life Edit

Only by experiencing life, by enduring its mistakes for oneself, might Naga progress between breaths, Sheddings, and beyond. This was one reason why many Naga ventured into Rokugan and the Ivory Kingdoms. [4]

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