Tao Bow
Taoist Archer
Created by: Dragon Clan
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Taoist Archers

Tao Bows were yumi developed by the Dragon Clan after the War Against Fu Leng. [1] Taoist Archers trusted in instinct over aiming, and them need not see the target to hit the center. [2]

Tale Edit

A Lion courtier took a Dragon diplomat to task during a winter court in the lower Dragon provinces. The Lion claimed that the Dragon did not serve in a way that he or his Clan understood, and wished to know more. The Mirumoto courtier fired his bow twice quickly, once over each shoulder of the Ikoma, punching two holes in the shoji wall to the outside. The Dragon left, and the next morning, two wolves were found dead, impaled on arrows, very close to the stable where the Lion had tethered his horses. [1]

External Links Edit


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