A Tanuki

Tanuki were Hengoyokai badger spirits that originated from Chikushudo. These shapeshifters tended to be jolly and friendly, though they were also hot-tempered. Badgers did nothing halfway — they played malicious pranks upon those who displeased them, and went out of their way to reward those that treated them with kindness. [1] They felt deeply protective of the Minor Clan that shared their name, the Badger Clan. [2] Tanuki were particularly good at shapeshifting, and enjoyed doing so into inanimate objects. [3]

Tanuki were hedonistic, with a tremendous apetite for food and drink. They reacted to greed, cruelty or disrespect with savagery. [4]

Known Tanuki in Human Form Edit

Tanuki 2

A Tanuki in human form

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