Born: Unknown 
Died: (c. 1128)

Tantoko was a ninja and actress of the Scorpion Clan .

Actress Edit

In one of her missions Tantoko performed the tragic heroine Doji Konishiko at Kyuden Doji. [1]

Devising a Regicide Edit

In the last month of 1127 the Emperor's wife, Bayushi Kachiko, realized her husband had been possessed by the Shadowlands. [2] She entrusted her yojimbo Aramoro to find a way to kill the Emperor. Tantoko was sent for one of the Jade Goblets of Taira, a nemuranai which could destroy a tainted individual. [1]

Tomb of Yu Weh Edit

In her journey Tantoko pressed the merchant Yasuki Taka into service, coming to the Tomb of Yu Weh in search of the jade goblet. Tantoko was injured and to save her life Taka ventured into the tomb alone, in an unusual display of courage. Taka found the goblet and escaped from the Kumo and was able to save Tantoko, who owed the Crab her life. [1]

Death Edit

Taka's heart was broken as he secretly watched Tantoko unsuccessfully try to assassinate Hantei XXXIX in the Imperial Palace using the goblet. Eventually Tantoko used Taka's dagger to take her own life, so Tantoko's masters could be safe from retaliation. [1]


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