Tansaku family
Patron family: Yogo family
Clan: Scorpion Clan
Founded: c. 2nd century [1]
Daimyo: Unknown

The Tansaku family was a vassal family of the Yogo family which was constantly pursuing a means of removing the Yogo Curse. [2]

Foundation Edit

Yogo's granddaughter, the Yogo Daimyo Yogo Hiriko, commanded Yogo Tansaku to investigate the Yogo Curse. After thirty years Tansaku was forced to retire as a monk when he told Hiriko about how her own curse would impact the daimyo and how could it be avoided. Two years later Hiriko succumbed to the curse exactly as Tansaku had predicted she would and also retired to a monastery. Tansaku already had died, so Hiriko's son and new daimyo Yogo Tomohiko granted Tansaku's remaining followers with the Tanasaku vassal family to honor the dutiful scholar. Tansaku Torid-e became their ancestral home. [3]

Duty Edit

The Tansaku attempted to foresee future events, as rapt pupils of prophecy. They had studied at length the methods and messages of history's greatest prophets. The Yogo allotted the Tansaku tremendous resources to continue their research. [4]

Tansaku Daimyo Edit

Tansaku Ikaru c. 1160

See also Edit


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