Tankenka's Mirror
Created by: Shanshien
First used by: Tankenka
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Tankenka's Mirror was a normal mirror wich was awakened by a fragment of a water kami fused within the body of Tankenka, a former member of the Order of Courageous Reflection at the monastery Yaruki Jukko. [1]

Preamble Edit

The Order believed that meditating before a reflective surface was the only true path to self-enlightenment. When the monastery was wiped out during the Battle of the Humble Turtle, the shinpu of the temple, Tankenka, took it. [1]

Awakened Edit

Tankenka had had a fragment of Shanshien, a water kami within him. It was enough to awaken the mirror, which became a nemuranai, bonding to Tankenka. [1]

Abilities Edit

The mirror was able to attune to an owner after a certain time, gaining a supernatural link with him. Its carrier could not be affected by water spells or effects, nor could he drown. If he was ever part with the mirror, its surface would reflect his present location whenever anyone else looked into it. [1]

Matsu Tsuko Edit

After the death of Tankenka during the Battle of the Forgotten Tide the mirror was in the hands of a group of samurai. They eventually passed it to Matsu Tsuko. [2]

Known Wielders Edit


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