Valley of the Two Generals

Valley of the Two Generals

The Valley of the Two Generals (V) was located in the Nanimo province. [1]

History Edit

Naming the Valley Edit

The valley was where two of the greatest commanders in Rokugan's history, Matsu Kijoruko and Daidoji Wasutsubo, fought the Seven Day Battle. The battle lasted for seven days and in the end the two commanders faced one another in a duel on the battlefield, surrounded by the dead and dying in the valley. Kijoruko was the victor, but succumbed to her wounds from the duel moments later. The battlefield has remained a holy site since then, a shrine dedicated to both generals standing where they fell. [2] [3]

Lion invasion Edit

In the 4th century after the Lion made a non-agression treaty with the Crane, they marched and seized the plains. The Lion eventually released these lands after a peace agreement was forced by the Phoenix allies, the Crane. [4]

Clan War Edit

During the Clan War Crane forces led by Kakita Toshimoko moved to the valley to block the advance of a ronin army led by Toturi the Black. The exhausted Crane army was no match for the fresh Toturi forces, who succeeded in wresting control of one bridge and two fords. After the skirmish it became apparent that the Crane had been deceived and manipulated into combating Toturi's forces. [5]

Monument Edit

Torii in the Valley of the Two Generals

Torii in the Valley of the Two Generals

In a field northwest of this location stands a monument in honor of Kakita and Mirumoto Hojatsu. It is a popular pilgrimage spot for those who wish to ask for assistance from the greatest duelist that ever lived. [6]

Contest Edit

Once each generation, the Kakita family and Mirumoto family held a contest at the Valley, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Two Generals. In the tradition of these two great champions, they gathered there to determine the strength of their two honored schools to determine which school's techniques were better taught. It was in reverence to the ancient duel performed by Kakita and Mirumoto long ago. [7]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
The valley is written in Secret of the Phoenix map as part of the Phoenix lands, while other sources as Ravages of War page 42 claim it is part of the northern Crane lands. The historical battles are always held by a Crane general, so it is a conflict that cannot be dealt up to now. Atlas of Rokugan has been released so it may clarify the conflict. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 08:40, October 3, 2015 (UTC)


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