Valley of the Centipede

Valley of the Centipede

The Valley of the Centipede was named for the centipede insects that infested the rocky ground. [1]

Location Edit

It was a secluded valley that occupied a small stretch of land between Kiken Roka and Umi Yakamo. [2] It was surrounded by the mountains in three sides, while the fourth was open to the sea, with sharp cliffs dropping off. A series of rope pulleys were used by their fishermen and for the occasional sailors who came to visit. [3] It was crossed by a river called the Course of Lady Sun. [4] At the northern end of the valley sat the Mountain of the Sun Goddess. The available land was lush and fertile with plentiful rainfall, always able to feed its inhabitants. Since the Centipede joined the Mantis Clan they built Amaterasu's Climb, a path from the upper mountain plateau down to the seaside. [5]

Centipede Clan Edit

It was the home of the matriarchal Moshi family who studied their strange blend of magic. There were many shrines to Amaterasu still standing in the valley, despite her death. [2] A small, distant branch of the Isawa family removed itself from the Phoenix lands and settled there. [1]

Guardians Edit

Their allies of the Falcon Clan guarded the valley, and in return their female shugenja were trained in the Moshi Shugenja school. [6] The mountain trails were also guarded by ronin who received food, shelter, and limited respect for their services. When the Centipede joined the Mantis, these ronin were accepted into the family. [5]

Yakamo's Worship Edit

After the ascension of Yakamo as Lord Sun, it was built Yakamo Seido in the Goraiku lands near the western pass out of the Valley of the Centipede. [7]

Other Notable Locations Edit

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Game Master's Guide 2nd Edition Treacherous Pass (Y) is located in the Mountains of Regret (Z), southern part of the Phoenix lands. The Valley of Centipede (AAA) is located within the Crane territory, in the Spine of the World Mountains (Z). In page 56 the Valley is located between the Treacherous Pass and the ocean, which is totally in contradiction with the maps. In the 4th Edition is clearly marked within Crane territory as M11, similar to AAA. I let them in the original area southern Phoenix lands, because it matches with most of written history. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 22:54, January 4, 2014 (UTC)


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