Tamori provinces

Tamori provinces

The Tamori Provinces, formerly the Agasha Provinces, were also known as the Twisting Labyrinth. [1]

Mountainous Edit

A maze of jagged peaks and narrow valleys [2] located in the central area of the Dragon Mountains, the Tamori family shared borders with every family in the clan. The lands of the Tamori were notoriously difficult to navigate with nearly no roads in the area. [3]

Wildlife Edit

The truly isolated parts of the Dragon lands began here, and the few who ever traveled here struggled to remember the landscape. There were not much in the way of settlements here, but flora and fauna flourished. Herds of yak, as well as snow foxes and mountain goats lived throughout the provinces. There were also rumors of more mythical creatures such as dragons and ki-rin being sighted in these parts. [1]

Shiro Tamori Edit

Anyone who had business with the Tamori would have to be escorted from either Shiro Mirumoto or Shiro Kitsuki to Shiro Tamori by an acolyte. The castle itself was situated on a lone mountaintop, and the entrance was a series of twising caves and passageways. The castle had no guards, as entrance to the castle was impossible for anyone not familiar with the caves below. [1]

The Sacred Library Edit

Contained throughout the castle was the Sacred Library, seemingly organized in a manner only the shugenja of the family could comprehend. No outsiders were allowed to enter the rooms of the library, and should they require any information from the library a librarian would retrieve it for them. No scrolls were allowed to leave the castle, and anyone who wished to copy information from a scroll would have to obtain permission from the Tamori Daimyo. [1]

Other Locations Edit

Other than Shiro Tamori the only other buildings in the provinces were foundries where the Tamori family would work their alchemical magic. Smoke could be seen rising from the foundries day and night, although no outsiders were ever allowed inside. [1]

Provinces Edit

There were two smaller provinces within the Tamori provinces. [4]


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