Tamori Tamanako was a shugenja-ko of the Dragon Clan.

Secret Affair Edit

Tamanako spent four years as part of the Dragon embassy in the Second City. She departed to return to Rokugan for an arranged marriage. However, there were rumors she bore a child from a secret affair. Doji Chonitsu, an influential courtier of the Second City, protected her from the consequences of her out-of-wedlock child. [1]

Blackmailed Edit

Tamanako was blackmailed by Chonitsu, who orderder her to murdered a local bushi at Shiro Hebi, pinning the blame on a target handpicked by Chonitsu, an old Ivinda known as Gopti. Tamanako met Mirumoto Bakane in the local inn, and stabbed him in the back. Gopti and his family were arrested by local magistrate Mirumoto Retsu, and his lord Mirumoto Kokure ordered them hanged. A group of samurai appeared in the town, and after an investigation exposed Tamanako as the culprit. [2]

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