Tamori Nobuyoki

Tamori Nobuyoki

Tamori Nobuyoki was a fire shugenja and Bloodspeaker of the Dragon Clan.

Scholar Edit

Nobuyoki considered himself a scholar first and foremost, a honorable and good man even, who tried not to harm anybody. [1] He thought that to destroy powerful nemuranai in the Tamori's Furnace without being carefully studied was a waste. [2]

Bloodspeaker Edit

Nobuyoki joined the Bloodspeakers out of curiosity, feeling that it was his duty as a Tamori to gain as much insight into the nature of maho as possible. [1]

Rain of Blood Edit

When the Rain of Blood came in 1165 he merely hid in his secluded village, Maigo no Samurai Mura, participated in the minor rituals of his small cell, tried to harm as few people as possible, and hoped that neither Iuchiban nor his enemies would notice him there. [1]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 the Heartless ordered his servant to attack the Empire. Nobuyoki and his followers gathered dozens of samurai and peasant alike into the small shrine in the heart of the city and then proceeded to set the building ablaze. When Unicorn soldiers rode into the city, bolstering the surviving Dragon defenders, his mental domination inexplicably weakened. Nobuyoki ran and escaped unscathed. A voice coming from a narrow fissure in the rocky terrain of the wilderness asked to join him. He entered with the curiosity to seek something new. [1]

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