Tamori Muzu

Tamori Muzu

Tamori Muzu was an earth shugenja and alchemist of the Dragon Clan. He lived in the late twelfth, early thirteenth century.[1]

Demeanor Edit

Muzu was a man to be completely without anger and bitterness, who fought fiercely as any. Once the battle was finished, he tended to those who needed aid as a priest should, not only allies but sometimes enemies as well. [2]

Colonies Edit

As a watcher of the Spider Clan [3] Muzu was sent to the Colonies, but he was displeased with the Second City. He was eventually sent south, to the coastline. In 1198 he claimed for the Dragon a fishing village, relatively recently constructed. There Mizu had a sight of the spirit of Tamori Chieko, who rumors said that appeared to members of his clan. [4] The area would be known as Kakita Kamiko's Obsession [5] and the village as A Welcome Reprieve. [6]

Back to the Empire Edit

In 1198 Muzu was back in the Empire, in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo. He and his friend Tamori Yayu came to the presence of Asahina Nanae. The Jade Champion issued an edict that granted Yayu the assistance odf the several shugenja orders and command upon an Imperial Legion and a detatchment of Jade Magistrates. Yayu and his yojimbo Mirumoto Ezuno were appointed as Nanae's enforcers against the threat of the Dark Naga. Muzu and his cousin believed the once incorruptible Naga race had been tainted, and this event was related to the attacks the Naga unleashed to the Empire. [3]

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