Tamori Masune 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1158

Agasha Masune was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan. He was one of the few Agasha to stand beside Agasha Tamori's side during the Agasha defection, and in turn swore fealty to his daughter Tamori Shaitung as Tamori Masune. [1]

Smither Edit

Masume was one of the greatest steel Weaponsmiths the Dragon had ever produced. His blades were used as gifts to ingratiate the fledgling Tamori family to more established houses. [1]

Legacy Edit

Masune crafted his final work only days before Toturi was slain in 1158. He poured the remains of his mortal soul into this final work and died shortly thereafter. The blade was a gift to his daimyo, Shaitung, to replace the katana she shattered when she learned the fate of her father. [1]


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