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Tamori Kuroko 
Tamori Kuroko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173

Tamori Kuroko was an Earth shugenja, Alchemist, and artisan of the Dragon Clan.

Station Edit

Kuroko was an assistant to the Tamori Daimyo Tamori Shimura. Agasha Kyoso, the woman who once was the demon Kyoso no Oni was prisoner at Shiro Tamori. [1]

Asako Serizawa Edit

The Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko had been traveling to Shiro Tamori regularly, each time attempting to convince the Tamori daimyo that Agasha Kyoso represented an ongoing threat. During the visits she met several times with Mitsuko's assistant, Asako Serizawa, and was fond of her. [2]

Death Edit

In one of the visits in 1173, Kyoso somehow began to transform in the demon again, and killed Kuroko. [2]

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