Tamori Emina

Tamori Emina

Tamori Emina was an air shugenja of the Dragon Clan.

Youth Edit

The child that would become Emina was orphaned in the War of Spirits. Tamori Shaitung took her in and gave her a place in her home. The child, to show her gratitude, cleaned and did other chores around her home, to which Shaitung objected, saying it was below her station as a samurai child. In the end, she gave the child duties organizing papers and such that were too sensitive for heimin to handle. [1]

Benten's Blessing Edit

Emina was able to see the attraction between her mistress and the Phoenix Master of Air, Isawa Nakamuro, but despaired at Shaitung's rejection of it. She plead with her mistress, touching her, but failing to sway her. After this, Benten, Fortune of Romantic Love, made a visitation on the young shugenja, and gave her his blessing. Using the wisdom granted to her by this, she was finally able to convince Shaitung to embrace the happiness she could get from Nakamuro. [1] Emina had been changed and had shared with Shaitung a fraction of the blessing Benten bestowed upon her. In doing that Shaitung was changed as well. [2]

Personality Edit

Emina was a bright, cheery young woman, who acted as a balance to her daimyo. In addition, she had a passion for Rokugani literature and always looked forward to new plays. [1]

A Skewed Path Edit

A few years after the Destroyer War a Scorpion courtier asked if she would be willing to write an introduction to a collection of romantic stories. Her spirit had been saddened with the deaths of Shaitung and Nakamuro, after a spell-blast that had consumed them and their enemies. They had died together, complete in their union. Since then Benten's blessing had gone out from her, and Emina was not be able to write the introduction. [3]

Legacy Edit

Her granddaughter, Tamori Touya, carried the blssings of Benten. [4]

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