Tamori Chikyu

Tamori Chikyu

Tamori Chikyu was a courtier of the Dragon Clan who lived in the Colonies. [1] He prepared a unique spicy tea blend, which was appreciated by his friend Kitsuki Kinaro. [2]

Colonies Edit

Second City Riots Edit

Chikyu survived the Siege of the Second City, and told Kakita Maratai a safe place where the Imperial Legion had passed through already. [3]

Chasing Suikihime Edit

Chikyu is defeated by Karachu

Chikyu is defeated by Asako Karachu

After the siege, the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime went into hiding. Chikyu and his companion Tamori Tamoko found the tracks of her entourage, only to be confronted by her Phoenix guard, Asako Karachu. The monk defeated and spared Tamoko, only to be immediately challenged again by Chikyu. Despite his exhaustion, Karachu managed to win the day. [4]

Winter Court - 1199 Edit

In 1199 Chikyu had been selected among the Dragon delegation which would join the Winter Court at Toshi Ranbo. At Gilded Lotus his friend Doji Takato pondered the recent news of an Imperial Regent, Utaku Zo Sia, a girl of barely ten years old. Chikyu pointed out that she was born on the same day as the Unicorn Clan Champion, Moto Naleesh, and even if she appeared as a child, she would be older than many of the attendants in Winter Court. [5]

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