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Tamori Aoki

Tamori Aoki

Tamori Aoki was an air shugenja of the Dragon Clan.

Youth Edit

Aoki was considered a passionless, unemotional child, and this continued into his training in the Tamori temples. His lack of passion hampered his skills interacting with the kami. On the other hand, he possessed a keen, perceptive intellect, and kept extensive notes on his observations of others. [1]

Working with the Kitsuki Edit

After his gempukku, Aoki was sent to a minor temple near Shiro Kitsuki. A quiet, low traffic shrine, this did give the young shugenja a chance to interact with various Kitsuki magistrates and investigators, who's skills and methods intrigued Aoki. When he learned that Tamori Shaitung had decided to send a number of shugenja to study alongside the Kitsuki, Aoki sent her a letter asking to be part of this, in one of the few passionate acts of his life. He had since become of the sensei's for the Followers of the Method, a school for shugenja's working alongside Kitsuki investigators. [1]

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