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Tamori's Flame

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Tamori's Flame

Tamori's Flame

Tamori's Flame were Hekireki Kakyu, glass ball throwing catapults. They were used for the first time by Mirumoto Junnosuke at the Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine. [1]

Mechanics Edit

A Shugenja had to guide the projectile against the enemy, and when the glass ball was over the target, he cast a spell which exploded the ball, spreading its liquid contents. The liquid ignites upon contact with any material, exploding into a firestorm that scoured the area nearby. [2] An alternative way was to fill the massive canisters with Tamori chemicals. When the final additive was placed within, there was a relatively short time during which the canister could be aimed via a pivot. After a brief period of reaction, the chemicals exploded outward in a massive gout of liquid fire that immolated whatever it touched. [3]

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